Cardberry is an electronic card that can replace the stacks of loyalty cards weighing down your wallet or forgotten somewhere at home. It allows you to upload all of your discount, bonus, miles, gifts and other cards to the Cardberry app so that with just your Cardberry gadget and Smartphone your cards are always at your fingertips.

Cardberry goes beyond loyalty apps and e-gift card solutions as it also allows you to add plastic cards using the specially designed reader provided. Whatever the card format, you can upload it to the Cardberry app and transfer it to the gadget when needed.

The most exciting thing? It allows you and your contacts to share loyalty cards via the app. Browse cards, borrow the one you want to use and enjoy new advantages for 24 hours!

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How do I use it ?

  •  Use Cardberry-3
    Add all your loyalty cards to the Cardberry app
    You can add any type of card from anywhere in the world. For cards with a magnetic stripe, use the reader provided.
  •  Use Cardberry-2
    Download the card you need onto your Cardberry
    Simply find it on the app. Download takes seconds and works via Bluetooth (no internet connection required)
  •  Use Cardberry
    Enjoy your advantages
    Cardberry now works as an ordinary discount card – fully compatible with any cashier card reader

What makes CARDBERRY special ?



Pools your advantages

Cardberry allows you to use your friends’ loyalty cards too. Browse their list, make a borrow request and enjoy the advantages. Cards are returned automatically after 24hrs.



Loves sharing

With the Cardberry app, you and your contacts can notify each other of best loyalty deals out there. Sharing is caring!



Covers virtual and plastic

Because plastic is still a big deal in loyalty programmes, you can upload cards with a bar-code and magnetic stripe to Cardberry using the reader provided.

What do I get in a CARDBERRY set ?
The Cardberry set includes the Cardberry gadget and a special wireless charging unit which can read cards with a magnetic stripe.
Current price: 100$