Most of us have loyalty cards. And we have to carry them all the time not to lose a good buy. The unique electronic Cardberry card fully settles this issue. Simply add all your loyalty cards into the Cardberry application and leave them at home.

From this point your smartphone and the one electronic Cardberry card – that is all you need to make the most convenient purchases ever.

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How Cardberry works

  •  Use Cardberry-3
    Add all your loyalty cards into the app
    You can add cards of any type. For cards with magnetic stripe a reader is provided.
  •  Use Cardberry-2
    Record your cards from the app onto the Cardberry card
    Recording goes through Bluetooth channel and do not depends on Internet availability
  •  Use Cardberry
    Use Cardberry as an ordinary discount card
    Since the card emulates the information from the merchant's loyalty card, our card functions exactly as if it were the original loyalty card


Cardberry card is a high-technology device with smart filing inside. It is based up on unique emulation technology DMS Dynamic Magnetic Stripe). Learn more about internal arrangement of Cardberry card in this section.



In FAQ section you will find the information about prices, delivery, service conditions and answers on the most frequently asked questions.



Learn more about Cardberry features and advantages – using cards of friends, sharing purchases and more!

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